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The Creators of Global Dance Festival and the Global Dj Academy have put together the an in depth tutorial into becoming a professional DJ. We have prepared DJ's for events and even festivals such as SkyLab, Decadence, and GlobalDanceFestival.

Welcome to Global DJ Now, your private backstage pass to GlobalDanceFestival, Skylab, Decadence. We are your guide to becoming a professional DJ. We'll get you performing like a star!

Want to play epic kickass sets in front of massive fired-up crowds? Want to get hired to play the best events? Then you need to know more than just how to push a few buttons and throw up a simple mix.

Inside the course you will discover

  • What world touring DJ's are using
  • Techniual Backstage Sets ups from the worlds biggest EDM STAGES
  • High End mixing techniques
  • Technical Skills
  • Equipment
  • Mixing Techniques
  • How to make a living a as professional DJ
  • What World Touring Dj's do differently, and what you can do to stand out like they do!

Global DJ Now is everything you need to launch your career as a pro DJ, even if you've never mixed a song before.


  • Live broadcasts of real world applications from Dj's in the booth for you to follow step by step!
  • Live backstage footage of some of the largest festivals in the world with exclusive videos that you can only see at GlobalDjNow!
  • Live trainings inside our private facebook group connecting thousands of Professional Dj's around the world.

Taught from the MainStage by Touring Professionals

Learn from the best in the business, including DJ Walt White, creator of Global DJ Academy and backline producer for Global Dance Festival, one of the biggest EDM events in the country. Walt has played with and mentored some of the top touring DJs in the world, and assembles the backline for the biggest festivals in EDM, including Global DubSkylab, and Decadence.

You're not just learning from some random guy who's been DJing in his house or for little local parties—you'll be learning from Walt and other DJs who are regularly playing for thousands of raving fans, in all kinds of locations and venues.

Inside Global DJ Now, you'll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about creating the perfect mix, even if you've never DJ'd before.
  • How to get your phrasing right every time for seamless mixing
  • How to get the crowd on your side right away, and keep them entranced for your whole set!
  • How to find and buy the best gear for your needs, and how to build your DJ rig so it's easy to set up and manage.
  • How to find the best new music that other DJ's don't have, keep your music organized and easy to work with, and create the perfect set to get any crowd jumping!
  • Gain the respect of other top DJs and get the best gigs by going beyond just being a button pusher and learning the secrets and skills of the top touring DJs.

We will teach you step by step How to Jumpstart Your DJ Career

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