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The ONE Weird Secret that Lets You Become A Master DJ – In Less Than 6 Minutes!
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You're in the hottest club in town.  Multi-colored lasers zigzag through the throng of ecstatic dancers, while pounding bass pulses the walls,   The crowd moves as one to the music.  And in the middle of it all, controlling all the sweat-soaked action is one person. . .

YOU. You're the DJ, the one that makes it all happen, night after night.  And if you've ever dreamed of being in the center of it all, like I did, now you can make it happen.

Yes, you can learn to be a master DJ in 6 minutes flat. You read it right.   Even if this sounds impossible to you now, I'll show you exactly how you can be living the dream    without expensive lessons, long boring instructions, and humiliating trial gigs.

You'll start out on top and be in demand wherever you go. Not in months or weeks. Not even days. But in a few short minutes.  Stay with me and I'll reveal the secrets to being the DJ the coolest guys look to. . .and  the hottest gals beg for.  You'll have them all eating out of your hand.

Become a professional DJ in less than 6 minutes!

Hello, my name is...Walt White.
Perhaps you've heard of me.  I'm a professional DJ who has played major events across the nation.
In this short, power-packed presentation, I'm going to reveal a weird, simple little secret that will enable you to get started as a professional DJ in less than 6 minutes.

Even though this may sound impossible to you right now, once you read this and do what I say, this rapid learning technique gives you all the secret skills you need to positively own the dance floor night after exhilarating night...
without begging your way into the booth...without getting any expensive equipment...and without knowing even the first thing about being a DJ.
And you'll learn these insider secrets not from some huckster who ‘teaches’ because he can’t get a gig, but from me, a pro who makes an incredible living from DJing. Like I said, I'm a professional DJ who plays in every facet of the dj industry and develops international talent on a daily basis.

You’re the Life of the Party!

You’ll feel like you’ve suddenly been handed the keys to the party as you get the confidence to play on any stage, any equipment, in any part of the world. Even if you are a raw rookie with absolutely NO skills whatsoever. Even if you’ve never even done a live gig before.

You’ll be shocked to see how quick and easy it is to blow past the pretenders and launch a mega-bucks career like a real celebrity DJ just by learning the closely-guarded secrets that blend real science and euphoric, crowd-pumping skills.

Most amazing of all, it won’t take months of hard work, study and practice.  You’ll be ready to go in less than 6 short minutes.
You’ll get a leg up on your competition as you master the tips, tricks, and techniques that the pros don’t want you to know, the secrets that have taken them years to learn and cost them thousands and thousands of dollars. But will now be at your fingertips for a mere fraction of what you'd expect to pay.

You will be the Star They’ll Come to See Night After Night...

Overnight you’ll get that ‘awe factor,’ and become a magnet for the party crowd with throngs of excited fans rushing to see you. You’ll be hit on by gorgeous women who think you’re the hottest thing around and backslapped by guys who think you’re the coolest dude on the planet.

In no time, you’ll be playing alongside more famous and more experienced, and better equipped pros without looking like a total weaksauce.

How I Made A Name For Myself...

I’m a professional DJ who has played major events across the nation and am the owner of Global DJ Academy.  Most importantly, I am the the main stage and production manager for Global Dance Festival, a PREMIER EDM FESTIVAL in North America for the last 12 years that has featured the top EDM artists from around the globe.

I’m a Traktor product specialist for Native Instruments.  I travel with other internationally touring DJs as a Road/Technical Manager.  
I own and operate my own successful mobile DJ company and work for DTP/Starkey Productions as a special events DJ.  My Backline Management and Rental company "Global Backline" handles all the DJ gear and booth operation for huge festivals such as Global Dance Music Festival at Red Rocks, Electric Daisy Carnival Tour, Skylab, Decadance, Westword Music Festival and the Caffeine Arts and Music Festival.
My greatest passion in life is teaching. I want to pass my skills on to the next generation.
I have taken artists from beginner level all the way to a career as an internationally touring performers.  I have created an army amazingly talented DJs in just a few years.  After 12 years of full time DJing, Live Performance Consulting, Event Production and Music Education, I have acquired a range of knowledge unmatched by any of my peers.
I should know. As I said, my name is Walt White and I’ve been the main stage and production manager for Global Dance Festival. I run Global DJ Academy in conjunction with Global Dance Festival, Colorado’s premier electronic music festival at Red Rocks, where U2, the Beatles as well as Avicil, Tiesto, and Zedd have played.

I’ve worked with just about every top DJ and performed at just about every major event. And this is the only DJ learning system that Global Dance Festival has ever recommended.

Learning The Tricks of The Trade Should NOT Be Difficult, It Should be Fun and Easy

So why has learning to become a professional DJ been so hard even though it should be the easiest thing in the world? I don’t know about you, but the first time I tried my hand at it, it wasn’t fun and easy.

It was a nightmare. I was pushed aside and ridiculed by the more experienced guys who were listening to me train wreck, mis-match phrasing, and play out of key.

A year or two later, I stumbled on to a dance scene that changed everything for me and reopened the door to being a successful DJ I always knew that I could be.  I was at a club one night and saw a rookie DJ really struggling.

The crowd was lifeless, just kind of standing around, waiting for the right sound to ignite them. It was then that I realized the kid had the passion, but he didn’t have the knowledge. but he didn’t have the timing to match the beats.


He was lost without a lifeline. And that’s when I vowed to get back in the game. Eventually, I became a success and along the way I’ve vowed to teach rookies the tricks of the trade. I want to make it a simple and easy as possible to be a big-time DJ.

This Is Why I Do What I DO

2014 Global Dance Festival DJ Auditions Winners
Artist Names:  D Groves & D E F I A N T

“We’ve been partners about a year in the game and scene of Denver. We love and welcome the Digital and Analog world.

We incorporate the love of music with our sets adding turntablism, sampling, live piano, and jelly mixing.

We couldn't do it without Walt.  He’s the real deal.  He helped us take our skills to the next level.

- D Groves & D E F I A N T

I’ve created detailed record of all the inside trade secrets, the ones that separate the average joes from the real pros.

In fact, the moment you see them, you’ll pick them right up. It’s almost second-nature and practically foolproof.

When I finally figured out these simple secrets, I was shocked, angry, but more than that I was a little blown away by how quickly you could learn things like backspin and cross fader that had stymied me for years so quickly. I mean it just made perfect sense.

I’ve taken my “insider techniques” –- the exact same tricks selected for his Global DJ Academy along with the same equipment used by Skrillex and Deadmau5 ZEDD -- to a studio location in Colorado with Hollywood cameras.

I’ve captured every detail, all my professional lessons on becoming a skilled and proficient DJ in one short and exciting video presentation.

Here’s how Global DJ Now transformed their lives!

Atik is an18 year old prodigy from Athens Greece who has already been featured on the Annie Nightingale BBC1 Radio show twice. He has also been featured in major music blogs such and thissongissick . He has played at Beta nightclub and TrapFest to name a few of his recent gigs .
Ecotek has shared the stage with Tiesto in Athens, destroyed the dance floors of super-clubs Space and Privilege in Ibiza, and is a regular feature of Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado.  His tracks have been supported by world renowned DJs, and have appeared on Beatport’s top 10 charts.  His remix of Luciana’s “I’m Still Hot” with James Egbert  reached #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts.
DemetriusB is a multidisciplinary musician/interactive designer.  His client base includes everyone from Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros to Disney.  He’s been featured in many National and International Publications including Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.  He’s currently working on an interactive music/visual project for a Major Music Label.
Just Fine , European EDM artists named “Break Through Artist 2014” They’re currently touring major nightclubs and festivals around the world.

Confidence Right From the Start

But that’s just the beginning...

My Exclusive Insider Video: Learn to DJ Like A Pro

Global DJ Now is for you

If being a DJ is in your blood, if it’s what you were born to do, if you want nothing else than to be a star in the clubs and dance halls, or just want to try your hand and have a blast, then my new video, Global DJ Now, is for you.

You’ll get everything I’ve learned from over 12 long years as a professional DJ, and everything you need to know to become a professional DJ. Learn phrasing, layering, harmonic mixing, macro effects, loop rolls, beat jumping and so much more. 

Be ready to step up into prime time in just under 6 minutes.

All My Amazing Secrets Are Yours... For a Song.

Normally, I charge thousands of dollars for these exclusive DJ secrets. But as I said before, you’re not going to spend anywhere close to that amount, even though these secrets are well worth it.

In fact, you won’t even spend $300 or $200 or even $150. In fact, all I’m asking for this amazing 30 hours of video, Global DJ Now, is just $94.

But if you act today, and I mean right now, you can get an additional 50% off.  So you pay a mere $47.  Can you believe it?  But this offer is good only for today.

So you must act now.

It’s all waiting for you.  A hot club scene with you at the center, soaking in all the fun and adulation!

All for just $47. It’s a no brainer really. So why not take a moment to claim this amazing video?

You won’t even have to risk a single penny. If you don’t agree that Learn to DJ Like A Pro isn’t your ticket to stardom, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Believe me, once you see how your whole life can change in less than 6 minutes, you’ll know it’s the best decision you’ll ever make in your life!

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Are You Serious about becoming a better DJ?  Click the Button below and get Get access to GLOBAL DJ NOW!

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