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If you want to tour the world as a DJ you need to learn from DJ’s that are touring the world

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Ecotek (Kostas Kouremenos)

Ecotek (Kostas Kouremenos)

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A transplant from Athens, Greece, Kostas Kouremenos, aka Ecotek, chose Denver as his adopted home and his since lit up the city’s thriving dance scene. Known for his infectious tunes and energetic live DJ sets, Ecotek has arisen as one of the most in-demand names in Denver.

When not in the studio, he can be found controlling the dance floor as a resident of the world-renowned Beta Nightclub, or at any of the city’s major concert venues warming up for many of the biggest names in EDM.


Kostas is also the founder of the  world famous GlobalDance Festival. One of the worlds longest running EDM festivals on the planet. It has been credited as the start of some of the biggest names in EDM. Skrillex to Above and Beyond have all played and regularly play this event.


ShoeBoxMoses (SammyT)

ShoeBoxMoses (SammyT)


ShoeboxMoses akaSammyT has performed alongside some of North America’s largest acts including Kaskade, Kid Cudi, Empire of the Sun, and Avicii. Sammy is one of the few DJ’s to perform on Neckar Island the person home to Sir Richard Branson. His ability to align with some of the most powerful leaders on the planet and DJ for them is uncanny.
Last year ShoeboxMoses found himself on a pilgrimage to find and locate his orphanage in Quezon City and has put much of his intentions and energy to fixing and supplying aid to the orphanage that he was adopted out of.
ShoeboxMoses starts his 2017 tour this April with shows in LA, Barcelona, and Ibiza.

SammyT aka Shoebox Moses is widely known as the goto music man and indsutry leader for professional entrepreneurial conferences.  Traffic and Conversion hosted by Digital Marketer, Camp Maverick hosted by Maverick DNA, and Afest hosted by the largest online school for growth and biohacking Mindavlley.


Walt White (Walt White)

Walt White (Walt White)




Walt is the owner and lead dj instructor of the Global DJ Academy in Denver CO. He has developed a dj program for public schools called School Of Beats and had the program in hundreds of schools accross the USA.  He teaches DJing, designs performance acts and develops new dj talent in every facet of the industry.  He is also the DJ for the Colorado Rapids MLS Professional Soccer Team. 

 Walt is also currently lead resident DJ at Stereo Lounge in Nativ Hotel, Lodos Night Club, Viewhouse Night Club & 303 Magazine Pool Parties.  Additionally he is a Special Events DJ for Dance Trax Productions and City Hall Events Center.

The road to success has been quite a journey for Walt White. Walt’s parents are both professional musicians and teachers. Walt studied many classical instruments and was playing in semi-professional symphonies at the age of 15.

Performing at world renowned events such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, international sports events and nationally televised fashion shows, Walt proves time and again he has the flexibility to handle any music format at any event.


Walt White is widely known for his ability to effortlessly blend any musical genre no matter the crowd or setting. He captures sounds that are hot and cutting-edge, but also integrates music that is classic and timeless. Drawing on all forms of music, Walt has an uncanny ability to connect to everyone within his reach.


We know if you want to be a world-class DJ, you need to study what world class DJs, Producers, and Entertainers do. It’s that simple.
Want what they have, do what they do.
Play how they play.
Perform on the same gear.
Set up your sets like they do.
And eventually, you will Get what they have.
It’s that simple.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

We’ve taken all of the most important pieces of the art of being world class vibe creator and DJ and distilled it into the most important parts
It’s the best way to take you backstage with us and it’s so much more fun with friends.
This is our passion project over last couple years and we couldn’t be more proud of what it’s helping young aspiring performers accomplish!!